About the site and its activity since 2016

Gabytone started operating in 2016. The site did not claim to be an old one in the field of Internet ringtones. The purpose of this project was to create a quality service that will bring together music lovers of all ages through a variety of ringtones collections or as they are called ringtones for a smartphone, regardless of Android or iOs (iPhone) operating system.

Our site is actively used by visitors who are mostly browsing from mobile phones, and this is a great pleasure for us. In September 2017, we radically changed the design and usability, taking into account all the comments and requests of the users. You now have a large and modern ringtone portal that is as easy to use as your favorite player.

Our main purpose is to satisfy every visitor who came in by recommendation or after a search for a ringtone on the google.com search engine, and then keep it and make it always come back to us. How do you ask? Simple, updating the list of songs for the phone in all categories.

Let's analyze the main structural elements of the updated site.

  • Easy to use menu with categories

    The category pages on the site are designed as playlists that include the main elements: player, song and artist name, upload date, bit rate, duration, sound time and the "Download" button. There is also the possibility to sort songs by date, popularity, rating, alphabet and rating number. There are thematic subsections in several categories.

  • Search for a more accessible ringtone

    Find your favorite ringtones quickly and easily with a new request search system. An additional tool is alphabetical navigation, located near the search string.

  • Top ringtones for all categories
  • List of the most popular artists
  • Blacklist - The list of ringtones forbidden to publish

Our team is always trying to surprise you with everything new in the world of music, and you, dear users, if you want to support us further and can give us some tips to increase our space of friends, please contact us for suggestions, we will be happy to respond to each message.

The gabytone team