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Gabytone - private non-profit project, created for those who want a current ringtone. We have no investors, and the only source of income for us - is advertising on the portal. Therefore, we ask our users not to include AdBlock (ad blocking) so that from these sources the server, domain and activity of our journalists informing you about the latest ringtones is paid. Yes we know that advertising is sometimes annoying, but without this we would not have this free site, and in life as we all know, nothing is free!

We don't ask you to click on ads that don't interest you, because many advertisers pay for impressions (although the price depends on the number of clicks). So it is enough just to watch it. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for being part of our community. The following rules must comply with all gabytone users. Non-recognition does not exempt from punishment.

Your registration on the site, confirms that you automatically agree with all points.

Rules for users:
  1. Uncensored words, their use in any of its blasphemies, its manifestations (closing the letters in the character of the word) and in any language;
  2. It is forbidden to insult other users and provoke them to conflict;
  3. Registration of nicknames on the site, which contain obscene words;
  4. Any type of advertising, placing links to other resources in advertising, self-promotion;
  5. Publish excerpts from material from other sites and therefore infringe the source of copyright;
  6. Offtopic comments. Writing messages doesn't make any sense: a set of emoticons, symbols, phrases that contain at least three words;
  7. Do not share on the site information obtained from unofficial sources that may lead the visitor to misinformation 
  8. Links spread to download games, programs and other commercial products. Any talk about piracy.
  9. Creating multiple accounts;

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